Why Choose FRAS Plates?

FRAS Plates

FRAS Plates are the ultimate safe defense against a fully loaded, fully equipped aggressor. In military circles, they are referred to as ARM Plates. FRAS stands for the Federal Air Weapons Systems Plate Carrier. They are the carriers of the M1 Thompson sub-machine gun and are the primary components of the M2 submachine gun.


These plates are extremely rugged due

to the cold-rolled steel alloying which is tightly rolled onto the aluminum or steel base material. This is the main component that is used to hold the firing pin in place. These are also oftentimes referred to as snap-on or snap-off plates. When you place the plate carriers on your rifles they allow a quick exchange of fire-fighting material between the user and the attacker. Most of these items are lightweight and concealable and are easy to place and take down quickly.


The M1 Thompson is a sub-machine gun

that fires live ammunition and are one of the most popular weapons in use today. Many different accessories are available for the use of the FRAS Plates including; flashlights, mounted scopes, laser guides, night vision devices, and many other accessories. These items are designed to be used in any environment whether it is a traditional combat scenario or urban terrain attack.


To place the plate carriers on your rifles

you need to use a gunsmith that specializes in this equipment. It can be a little tricky at first since you must visualize where the plates will go on the rifle and exactly how they will be secured. They usually use pin fixing devices that bolt the plates onto the firearm. Once the plate has been mounted and secured you will then need to drill the holes and make sure that the plate carriers are securely holding the gun.


There are many other benefits of using the FRAGI plates on firearms.

First of all, if you are in a situation where you have to use deadly force against an attacker you will want to use the gun that has the best chance of shooting them dead. With the plates on the carrier, you can shoot multiple shots with a single unit. If multiple shots are needed you will have more than one carrier on hand. In addition, you will not be limited to the size of the weapon. The large base of the plates allows you to use most standard-size rifles when they are attached.


Most gunsmiths will agree

that they are some of the hardest work that they have to do in their entire lives. Maintaining the quality of the item and repairing minor problems that may arise is not an easy task. You will find that by ordering plate carriers from the FRAS Company that you are giving them the best quality product in the business. You will also find that placing the plates on your rifles can help to take the stress off your wrists as you aim.

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