what are the causes of slip and fall accidents?

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident occurs every 10 seconds in the United States. There are many different types of slips and falls that are covered in personal injury law. For a victim to receive compensation, it must be proven that the defendant was at least partially responsible for the injury. There are some exceptions to this proof requirement. For example, if the defendant was operating a vehicle, and was at fault for a vehicle accident, the victim may be able to sue for compensation even though they were partially at fault. Also, if a person is walking and gets hit by a skateboarder, the individual may be able to sue because they were negligent enough to know about the danger and did nothing to protect themselves.


When these accidents

are the result of a homeowner s negligence, then it’s unfair for the victims to endure the financial burden alone. This is why most slip and fall attorneys severely analyze the details of such an NYC accident, to see if any other entity or person is liable and then to immediately pursue compensation on behalf of the injured victim. It is also important for lawyers who specialize in this type of case to carefully assess all possible scenarios. This will allow them to develop a strong case, which will often impress judges and juries, who often look for a clear-cut case that shows negligence on the part of a party or parties.


Slip and fall accidents can have very serious consequences

They can involve serious bodily injury or even death. Most serious slip and fall injuries require immediate medical attention. For victims who suffer from slip and fall injuries, there is no doubt that losing wages and suffering from other physical ailments is extremely difficult.


The importance of hiring a competent lawyer

should never be underestimated. Not only can a good New York slip and fall attorney represent you in court, but he can also help you achieve excellent compensation settlements. For most people, just recovering from an accident is not sufficient. They must also be able to obtain monetary compensation that will help them pay off medical bills, repair their personal property, as well as compensate for lost wages and emotional distress. A good slip and fall lawyer can achieve all of these things for his clients.


Slip-and-fall accidents can be prevented

However, sometimes even after a homeowner has taken necessary precautions to make their property safe, visitors may still fall prey to slippery floors, uneven surfaces, or other flaws. Slip-and-fall injuries are very common. In fact, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost every year in the US, at least one person is injured as a result of a slip or fall. Because of this, each family must take the necessary steps to ensure that visitors can safely arrive at their homes.


Negligence is, unfortunately

often involved in many cases of slips and falls. It is up to each family member to try to see that their loved one has received the best possible legal assistance. If you have been injured as a result of a slip or fall accident, you may want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who will be able to discuss the matter with you and explore all of your options.

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