Tuolumne County’s Popular Tourism Spots

Tuolumne County, formally the County of Tuolumne, isn’t a very large county in the vast U.S. State of California. As of the 2021 U.S. Census, the county’s population was 55,539. Sonora, the county seat and largest city is located in the northern part of Tuolumne County. Tuolumne is considered to be one of the most urban and commercialized counties in all of California and its close proximity to the larger cities of Sacramento and San Francisco makes it even more so. Tuolumne County and its surrounding area offer a very unique type of shopping and tourist attractions for anyone that happens to visit the area.

Tuolumne County


The most populous counties in and around Tuolumne County are Hillsborough, Union and Putnam. All three counties share a long stretch of beautiful views, topography and geographical attributes that make for wonderful vacation destinations. There are several small townships and communities within the counties’ boundaries that serve to draw travelers and residents alike to this wonderful little piece of earth. There are many golf courses, especially on the east side of Tuolumne County. Many people drive up into Tuolumne County to take advantage of some or all of these fabulous golf opportunities. The views are outstanding and the courses are world class and can be found on both the east and west sides of Tuolumne County.


One aspect of Tuolumne County that draws visitors from near and far is its proximity to two major historical sites. The first of these is the Tuolumne Historical Society. This is a non-profit organization that provides information on the past of Tuolumne and its surrounding area. The society maintains an online database that allows users to search through photographs, maps, and other resources that relate to the town and area. For a fee, members have access to a number of electronic databases, as well as online forums and message boards that are designed to provide assistance to the curious. The town of Tuolumne is also home to the historic Wilberforce House, which is a nineteenth century cabin built by Wilberforce Linton, a local leader in both religious and civil rights.

Tuolumme County

The second site that attracts visitors to Tuolumne County’s is its great community of surfing and hiking enthusiasts. Known as “The Grand Canyon of the West”, Tuolumne County is known for its red rock beaches, wooded canyons and scenic rivers. As a result, there are many local historians and genealogists who have assembled an impressive archive of information and created a website, called the West Coast Railroad Museum, that allows visitors to interact with some of it. The website, which is maintained by the California Genealogy Foundation, also serves as a repository for local histories, as well as information about traveling, family history, and other topics.

The third focus of Tuolumne County’s tourism is the family history museum. Focusing on western culture, the museum offers displays, videos, and a database of vital records and related materials. The valuable materials include birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates; vital record indexes; obituaries and historical documents; as well as genealogy charts, guides and prints. Several of these documents can be viewed for free on the county’s genealogy wiki page, while others may need to be purchased through the state of California Office of Vital Records.


A fourth focus of the tourism industry is the availability of Tuolumne County’s cuisine. There are a number of food festivals held in the area each year to celebrate the food of Tuolumne County and its residents. In addition, a number of restaurants are located in close proximity to the county’s courthouse, making it possible for a visitor to some of these restaurants for a bite to eat. These restaurants offer cuisines from around the world, including French, Tex-Mex, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Thai. Because these restaurants are owned and operated by local businesses, the food is typically of a higher quality than what could be found in larger cities and towns.

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