The Worst Energy Suppliers

Which Are the Worst Energy Suppliers?

Households have been turning away from the traditional energy suppliers as more are discovering the benefits of energy deregulation. The gas and electricity that your power company provides can either be the most expensive or the most cost-effective (depending upon how you use it). What most people don’t realize though, is that they are probably using more power than they think, and may even be paying over the odds for their monthly energy bill!


The average household

uses between three and seven units of electricity per day. With so much demand, there’s a lot of competition in the marketplace, and this means that energy companies struggle to keep prices as competitive as possible. Although getting the cheapest deal available is usually the main motivator when households switch energy suppliers, the latest Which? research reveals the importance of selecting a supplier who not only provides good value for money but is also capable of delivering clear and precise billing, and great customer service.


How do you get a better deal when it comes to energy suppliers?

You do this by knowing exactly which energy suppliers rank well against one another and also comparing those energy suppliers against the top of the market – the big six energy suppliers. A company that has consistently ranked high in the consumer star rating table is likely to be the energy supplier that’s right for you. In the consumer star rating table, a score of seven indicates that an energy supplier offers excellent service, while a score of five indicates that they offer average service. So if you want to know which energy suppliers to choose, it really pays to check out the consumer star rating table.


However, there are many things beyond the consumer star rating table

that can help you make a more informed decision about which energy suppliers you should choose. For instance, how long has the company been in operation? How many customers are currently serviced by the company? And what types of energy are they involved in? For example, are they involved in providing gas, electricity, or both types of services? This will give you an idea of how much competition they’re likely to face and will help you work out whether or not the company will continue to grow and excel over time.


An alternative to checking out

the ratings and consumer star rating tables, and going straight to a particular energy supplier online, is to use a specialist energy comparison website. By using one of these comparison websites, you can easily see who the big boys are, and who the emerging players are in the market. In addition to providing you with a list of some of the leading companies in the market, they will also provide you with their customer service levels, their overall score, and their financial rating. All of this information should be easy to understand, as well presented, making it far easier for you to judge the level of customer service which is provided by these companies.


The final piece of information

which we’re going to discuss here concerns the prospects of the different energy companies that are currently involved in the UK market. You should look at the factors which will affect their ability to provide services in the future, including whether or not there will be any changes to the tariffs that they have at present. Some suppliers will lose customers while others will gain, meaning that it is vital for potential customers to take a close look at the companies that they intend to use for their energy needs. However, it is also important for us, as consumers, to remember that while the current situation may seem bad, there’s always room for improvement. As the energy regulator, it is up to us to ensure that the suppliers are more accountable for their actions and that we, as consumers, remain happy to pay for quality services.

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