The Use of Solar Panels – A Sustainable Alternative

Solar energy is largely collected in one of two approaches

passive solar thermal and solar photovoltaics. A passive solar thermal system consists of large mirrors which reflect and focus the sun’s rays into a collecting reservoir to boil water, which produces electricity (5). The heat extracted from the heated water is used directly by the generator (6) to power mechanical machines. Solar photovoltaics involves the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy by means of the photoelectric effect (7) using photoelectric generators.

There are three advantages of using solar power system. The first is the environment-friendly approach. We are depleting ozone layer every day due to UV ray exposure. If we do not use such solar energy then the earth will get more polluted due to chemical fumes. The second advantage is to provide enough electricity during scheduled blackouts.

advantage is sunlight

Now let us focus on the advantages of utilizing solar energy technology. The sun provides us with a significant amount of free energy which is in the form of photons. These photons are very tiny but are the main source of solar energy. It can be collected in the device called solar collector. The captured radiation heats up water in the solar collector device and that releases thermal energy which is then converted into electricity.

There are some disadvantages of solar energy technology as well. The main disadvantage is that it is expensive as the technology is expensive and we need to protect the earth from global warming. Another major disadvantage is sunlight causing solar flares.

Some of the major disadvantages of solar energy include high installation cost, need for electrical connection, limited supply of sunlight and thermal generation, needs to have clear skies for photovoltaics and solar thermal collectors. Solar thermal collectors are used to utilize the thermal heat of the sun. It is used to produce steam and can be used in boiler stations. The disadvantage of solar thermal collectors is that they do not provide the electrical energy in large amounts.

The clean energy source is using photovoltaics

They are found to be efficient and provide power at a low cost. This clean energy source is different from other solar energy systems. They are more efficient and also create less pollution.

We should make a choice between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources like the solar energy. It would be great if we could use both fossil fuels and solar panels. However, fossil fuels will be used for a longer period while solar panels will only last for a few years. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources and will eventually be depleted. On the other hand, solar panels will not be able to be used for long period and need to be replaced every few years.

The alternative to using fossil fuels is the use of the sustainable alternative, which is the use of solar energy technology. It is not difficult to install and it can also create an environment friendly environment. The sun rays are a great clean and renewable source of energy.

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