The Health Benefits of Chocolate

For centuries, chocolate has been used extensively for many different purposes. From the earliest times, chocolate has been eaten for its health benefits, as well as for its aesthetic appeal. It is often consumed in bar form or mixed in with cookies and cakes. Today, chocolate is used extensively in many other ways, as well. Chocolate is used in cooking and baking, but it is most popular as a drink.


It contains healthy fats and plenty of protein

Chocolate is a solid preparation of the ground and roasted cocoa beans that are usually sweetened with sugar and water, made into a liquid, cream, or in a chunk, that can also be added as a flavor ingredient to other foods. It contains healthy fats and plenty of protein, making it a good substitute for butter, meat drippings, and other fats found in many other foods. Dark chocolate, which is richer in cocoa solids than other forms of chocolate, is the healthiest form of chocolate available, although milk chocolate is just as good.


There are two kinds of chocolate: dark chocolate and milk chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more cocoa beans per serving and contains significantly more sugar than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains almost the same amount of sugar as does regular chocolate but does not contain as much cocoa bean content.


Pure chocolate tends to be higher in saturated fat

Pure chocolate, which is not artificially sweetened, is high in cocoa content and contains little else except for fat and sugar. Pure chocolate tends to be higher in saturated fat than other forms of chocolate, such as white chocolate. However, experts advise against consuming unsweetened chocolate, as it contains potentially harmful amounts of saturated fat.


The chocolate coating comes in a variety of forms

Chocolate coating chocolate bars are a popular method of spreading the chocolate flavor around. The chocolate coating comes in a variety of forms and can be used for all kinds of recipes, but is especially popular with hot chocolate bars. The coating is first heated until it becomes malleable and then chocolate is added to the mixture, coating the bar in chocolate and allowing it to cool.


Cocoa butter is found in two types of chocolate: one type contains natural cocoa butter

The other contains hydrogenated soybean oil, also known as palm oil. Both types have the same health benefits; the difference is that the natural product has a lower melting point and therefore produces less sugar when added to hot chocolate bars. Palm oil has a lower melting point and results in less sugar added to hot chocolate bars when melted. Cocoa butter is sometimes included in chocolate varieties that have a pronounced bitter taste. It adds a bitter taste to milk chocolate and cocoa powder so that milk chocolate doesn’t overpower the taste of the cocoa powder.

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