Katana Swords are the most iconic Japanese sword

Katana Swords From The Meiji Period

Katana Swords are the most iconic Japanese sword and have been used for thousands of years. In China, they were known as talons and were carried on horseback in a pair of strapped warriors. In Japan, they were more popular as katanas (knights swords) and consisted of a short sword with a straight, single-edged blade and a square or rounded guard. Used by samurai in medieval Japan, it was then adopted by the ninja as their weapon of choice. It wasn’t until many years later that the katana was developed into a true Wakizashi (a two-handed sword).


Katana swords remain one of the most iconic weapons

from Japan and a part of the Japanese culture for over a thousand years. A katana, often seen as a Wakizashi, was a sacred weapon to the Japanese samurai. Believing that this weapon protected the samurai from evil spirits, it was only carried in the presence of a samurai on battlegrounds. Katana swords are a crucial part of the Japanese martial arts tradition and form the basis of all the other karate weapons.


With the arrival of modern-day Japan

the role of katana swords began to change, becoming more flexible and less used for battlefield protection. The new weapon was instead adopted by karate kendo, which combined aspects of the two primary forms of karate. The basic design of the katana had the blade meets the hand’s grip in what is called “shingle”. The purpose was to provide the user with great flexibility, allowing them to perform quick movements and attacks. Eventually, the popularity of this weapon diminished as kendo became more popular and the focus of training shifted to a traditional form of fighting called Kenpo.


Today, Katana Swords is often used as a training tool

often by students who want to perfect their skills in weapon handling. Students will use the katana swords to learn how to parry, block, and strikes, as well as how to wield them properly. Because of their popularity in Japan, a wide variety of styles of kendo exists, from the traditional karate style to the newer kendo tournaments popular throughout the world.


While the history of Katana swords is complex

there is one fact that can be safely said about this martial art: They are very beautiful! The elaborate designs on the blades are breathtaking and can greatly improve the aesthetics of any home or workplace. There are three famous swords known as the Ogasawara, Sanchin, and Tancho. Each of these carries a unique skill set and is suited to a specific style of kendo.


While there have been many arguments over

whether Katana Swords actually originated in Japan, one thing can be safely said about this part of history: Whoever came up with the idea definitely had a great piece of property, to begin with! There is no question that they have become a hugely popular part of Japanese culture and are used for many different purposes from housework to competition, but they were certainly not created overnight. With their simplistic design, sleek appearances, and ancient origin, it’s safe to say that Katana Swords will always have a place in Japanese culture.

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