How to Choose an Electric Retractable Awning

If you are looking for an economical means to provide protection from the sun

Then an electric retractable patio awning may be worth the cost. Electric models are very durable, easy to install, and can save you money in the long run. Consider these perks when deciding if an electric model is worth the cost. For instance, this retractable patio awning is equipped with an electric motor, which means it can be utilized just like a manually operated patio awning, but with almost no upkeep required. However, while there are many other electric retractable awning models which can technically be utilized as a manually operated awning, they usually aren’t meant to be utilized as such.

The price of an electric retractable awning varies based on size and weight. In general, the larger and heavier the awnings, the more the price tag will be. The larger and heavier awnings will also take up more space, which may be an issue if you live in an extremely small apartment. However, if you do have a lot of extra space and wish to cover an entire large area, then the additional cost of an electric awning would be worth the price. This type of awnings can even be placed over a wood burning stove or outdoor fireplace.

The actual design of the awning will determine the style of frame you need

Generally, an electric retracting patio awning consists of two panels, the first of which is called the awning fabric and the second is called the retracting frame. These two panels are connected by a metal support. Depending upon the model you buy, the support may be made out of either aluminum or stainless steel. You can even choose between materials that are especially designed for retracting.

The second frame is attached to the awning fabric and is called the sunshade. The sunshade will usually be made out of acrylic, fiberglass or vinyl. This part is important as it will provide shade for you and your family during the hottest part of the day. If you don’t like the look of your sunshade, you can easily change it out. In addition, the frame made for the awning is typically adjustable so that you can make the awning suitable for you and your family’s needs.

The other major difference between automatic and manual retracting awnings is the cost

Automatic awnings are obviously less expensive than manually operated awnings. This is primarily due to the fact that automatic awnings only need to be charged when they are in use, whereas manually operated awnings have to continuously be charged. As a result, the total cost of an automatic awning could be a bit higher than the cost of a manually operated awning. However, the benefits of owning an automatic awning far outweigh the small increase in cost.

Finally, it is important to note that aluminum is the best choice for frames over other types of metal. Aluminum frames last longer and are more durable than the other metal frames available. Additionally, aluminum has the best overall durability. This means that no matter which type of retractable awning you decide on, you can be confident in its durability.

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