Disposable Contact Lenses – A Simple Guide

Do you need a contact lens cleanse?

Of course you do. Contact lenses can both cause damage and discomfort to your eyes, particularly if they aren’t properly fitted. Even experienced contact lens wearers must have annual eye exams to ensure that their eyes remain free of symptoms from their lenses. It is recommended that you have your eye exams every year. Here are some of the top questions in using contact lens:

I am experiencing dry eyes. Do I need to change my contacts? If you’re experiencing dry eyes without any external causes such as allergies or a reaction to your contact lenses, then you might have a moisture issue with your eye. Fluid can accumulate under the eyelid and throughout the sensitive tissues surrounding your eye. This can lead to irritation and discomfort.

What are the risks of overusing my contact lenses?

Many health professionals recommend that contact lenses be worn for a minimum of 20 days a week and you should take care to avoid excessive contact lens use. Excessive use may reduce the effectiveness of the contact lenses, decrease your tolerance for these lenses, and increase your risk for infections. There are also some other questions in using contact lenses that you should be aware of.

I am having a lot of problems with my eyes. Is there an annual supply of contact lenses? To maintain the health and appearance of your eye, it is necessary to have an annual supply of replacement contact lenses provided by your optometrist. This helps ensure that your eye is receiving the proper nutrients from your eye drops and that your eye is receiving regular maintenance from your optometrist that includes cleaning your eye and yearly supply of replacement drops.

How do I fill my contact lenses?

Once you receive your contact lens prescription, you will need to fill the prescription with the appropriate amount of lens solution. To fill the contact lenses, you will either dip the lens into the solution or you can put the contact lenses directly into your eye. If you choose the option to place the contact lenses directly into your eye, you should wash your hands thoroughly before you start to insert your new lenses.

Are there any side effects to using daily disposables? Daily disposables are an excellent choice for those who don’t need to wear their lenses on a daily basis. For those who wear their lenses several times a day, daily disposables are not a good choice. Daily disposables are also generally only designed to be used for one particular day. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging of the daily disposables to ensure that your contacts are usable for the entire day. Additionally, daily disposables contain toxins which may affect both the environment and people who are using them.

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