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Change Your Look With Braided Hair Strands

Completely change your look with play-do hairstyles. Get a new hairdo and style it up with a pair of cute ponytail clips and playful headbands. Grow out your hair long and smooth it or get it short and sassy with fun ringlets and bun covers. Completely transform your look with a new style at home! Fake having a bob in no time with simple, yet effortless styling tricks!


Let loose your hair and create a messy look with unruly tousles and wild curls.

If you have naturally curly hair, add texture using pomade products or a soft brush and dollop texture products on your damp hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic cap and then dry it using a blow dryer to lock in that bounce. Create perfectly straight or curly curls in natural straight or wavy locks by straightening out large waves with a fine-toothed comb. This will deliver a quick change and, when you fall in love with your new “you”, you can turn your frizzy, wet locks for a temporary hair drying, straightening, or curling treatment.


Bobbles are a sexy look that’s perfect for summer and autumn.

They’re easy to achieve and they’re a lot of fun. Use a border made of a textured material such as micro-ribbon, which gives the illusion of a longer, thicker mane. This is ideal when you want to disguise bushy strands or those pesky stray tresses. Simply use a shorter hairbrush to work the material gently through your hair and then tease out any loose particles for a sleeker look.


Brown bob cuts are hot at the moment and are back in fashion.

Try a short, spiky brown bob cut that’s super versatile. This is just the start of a great new trend for brunettes – try the waves for a sophisticated statement, or take it up to a side bang for that sexy cheeky look. Wear it just for fun around the house or dress up with a fancy hair tie and hair clips for that Hollywood glam look. If you want to add definition to your hair, go with a straight haircut with bangs and a fine layer of body-friendly hairspray, and you’ll look fabulous.


A cute way to change your look

is to wear your mane down the back or even braided, adding a feminine touch. To create this look, simply put your mane down, grab your favorite braid, secure it under your chin with an elastic hair tie, and then secure another braid over the first one, just like a ponytail. You can try varying the length and the width of your braid, depending on how tall or small your guy friend is. You can even alternate back and forth between the two braid layers if you want to add some interest to your style.


Braids are cute, yet can also be a stylish way to change your look.

Since the strands are all braided, it’s easy to create subtle designs that go with almost any outfit. To create a more formal look, gather up all of your braided strands and use them as a soft bun maker for an elegant look. For something a bit more casual, get a few strands together and use them to create a simple bandeau.

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