All About Online Escape Rooms

Online escape games are multi-player online puzzles and adventure games conducted through various media including the web. Through these activities, groups of people each playing a different role get to solve puzzles and riddles at a set goal, with an aim of ultimately escaping from the puzzle room. Online escape games can be played either alone or against a computer or another player using a computer-simulated platform. While one player solves the puzzle, the other players try to find and use any item that has been hidden during the game play.

Online Escape Rooms


The objective of these games can be very easily defined as to solve mysteries and the riddles which have been given to the players. Most online escape rooms provide their participants with some kind of clue as to how to escape the room and reach the goal room, sometimes these clues may be given through mini diaries which are later used to track down the missing teams in cases where teams are badly outnumbered. Sometimes these online games can be very challenging and even tricky. However there are some very easy clues which can be followed to solve puzzles and achieve higher scores. Some of the clues include well-defined and obvious hints provided by the website operators, which are visible to the naked eye.


In some of the games conducted online, the presence of a game master is required to help the participants in solving puzzles and escaping from the rooms. This helps to save time as the game master can immediately inform the participants of any wrong step which would result in them getting stuck inside the room instead of progressing further. Usually this kind of presence is required during the early stages of designing the puzzles and the rooms on which the online escape games will be conducted. As new rooms are being designed and developed, the presence of game masters will gradually become non-existent.

One of the major features that make online escape rooms more interesting and challenging than their traditional counterpart is the introduction of virtual clues and hint systems. These virtual clues help the players to solve the puzzle much faster without getting stuck in any sort of rut. For this, the game master provides the clues and hint systems through a series of video files. This helps to make the overall experience of playing more exciting as well as enjoyable.


The difficulty levels in online escape rooms vary according to the software used for designing the puzzles. These rooms are developed with the help of software programs which use virtual logic and complex algorithms to generate different kinds of puzzles. These algorithms are responsible for generating different kinds of clues as well as hint systems which help the participants to advance or proceed in the game. These puzzles need to be designed carefully and effectively for each level of the game. In some cases, the difficulty levels can be increased by simply increasing the number of required moves for solving the puzzle. In other cases, more difficult mathematical algorithms are needed to generate more difficult puzzles for the players.

One of the best things about online escape rooms is that there are various categories available. These include all the popular escape game categories like brain teasers, word puzzles, mathematical equations, crosswords, hidden object games, and more. Therefore, the players can select any of the categories to enjoy a more exciting and challenging gameplay experience while playing the online puzzles.

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