5 Steps to Getting a Great Eye Shadow Makeup Look

Eye shadow is an important tool for makeup application

It helps to soften and brighten the eye area and bring out the eye color and the cheekbones. Dark eyes require more attention than light ones, so the right eye shadow can really make a difference. Not only that, but eye shadow will also give you a sense of warmth and sex appeal. Find out what colors of eye shadow are best for you to achieve the sexy look you desire.

Your best bet for finding the right eye shadow in a palette is to do a bit of research. Find a makeup artist that uses eye shadows that are flattering to your eyes. Also, check with friends and colleagues who might have a few tricks up their sleeves. A good makeup artist will be able to give you a good idea of what shades and colors work well with your eye color, skin tone and hair color. When shopping for a palette, remember that good quality brands are worth the money, so stick with name brands like Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura and bareminerals.

shopping for your eyeshadow palette

Remember that it should contain both matte and shimmer colors. For the best coverage, select shades that are found in your makeup palette. For example, you would not want to select the matte shade for your brow bone as that will make your face look much wider than it is. Choosing a palette with shimmery shades like gold or silver will make your eyes pop with visual impact and a wide spectrum of colors to choose from.

The third step is to select your eye shadow and apply a thin line of them along the lash line. This helps create a beautiful natural line that accentuates your eyes. There are also brush sets available that have sponge applicators with natural bristles. You can also use an eye pencil to create this line.

eye shadow to look as natural

The fourth step is to sweep the eye shadow on your brush to blend. You want your eye shadow to look as natural as possible, so you may want to go light with shimmery or glittery colors, or you may want to add more coverage. Use a highlighter or white eye shadow to highlight your brow bones. If you wish to enhance your eyes, you can apply accentuate cream blush to your cheek bones and highlight your eye color at the outer corner of your eye. To get a more dramatic look, use a highlighter at the outer corners and blend your highlighter brush along the crease of your eye shadow.

The fifth step is to tap out your eye shadow and apply your eye makeup look. Using a clean tap brush, tap your eye shadow on the skin around your eyes from the center of the eye socket to about half way into your eye shadow line. This will give you a nice even canvas to work with. When you tap out your eye makeup, you can choose to add a line of white at the outer edge of your eye shadow, to accentuate your cheekbones, or to define your eye color. If you do not want lines, you can use a highlighter at this point, or just let the shadow do its thing.

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