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2 Industry Niches to Focus on Marketing

A market niche is a subset of an industry niche. The niche targets the exact product characteristics aimed at meeting certain market demands, the price range, quality, production quantity, and the demographic that it intends to address. It is a very small segment of the total market.


A profitable industry niche

in the Real Estate industry is Property Appraisers or PAs. A large number of persons work in this area but very few are extremely profitable. This is because most of them only do one thing: prepare a financial appraisal report on the property they buy, and nothing else. Yet, this is precisely what the best PAs do best. If you want to become one, the first step is to learn how to be a good one.


It is not enough to understand

the need of your target market. You must have a profitable marketing strategy to meet their needs. For instance, if you are in the Real Estate business and if you are not selling houses, then you can make money by providing valuable information to your potential clients about the property they could purchase from you. This means that you should develop an effective marketing strategy that will guide you to satisfying the needs of your clients and help you earn their trust and loyalty.


Industry Niche Services

is the foundation for your success in the Real Estate industry niche consulting? You can also make money out of this niche by developing a good relationship with other professionals in the industry and offer them services in exchange for a fee. If you are selling houses, you should develop contacts that work as realtors, inspectors, mortgage brokers, or agents. These individuals will be your clients in the future. When they know you, trust you and see how professional and how much you can provide for their needs, then they will hire you even if you charge them more.


Accountants are another niche

where you can make money through industry niche consulting. There are several accountants, each with their own unique expertise and experiences. It will be better if you have a piece of thorough knowledge of tax law so that you can provide advice and suggestions to your potential and existing clients regarding tax issues regarding mortgages. The next step is to market your services to accountants who are already in the business.


Another industry niche focus

is in the field of investment. Real estate investing, although lucrative, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are targeting investors, then you can offer them guidance and services regarding the best deals they can get. As part of your marketing strategy, you can also post ads in local newspapers, release newsletters and participate in forums regarding investments and real estate.

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